So let's be clear... when you receive a call from someone claiming to be your customer, you ask security questions to make sure it is!

Just like these I guess?
  • Full Name
  • 1st Line of Address
  • Postcode
  • Date of Birth

BUT... if your customer's ID has been stolen the fraudster will almost certainly know the answers to those questions and for that reason will easily pass through your security!!

It may only be one call out of the thousands you receive, but even if that fraudster is not given any information by your staff, then something as simple as instructions to change their address (obviously to the fraudsters) would be a data breach and reportable to the ICO!

Failure to do an ID check can be extremely damaging financially and seriously impair a business's credibility, possibly never to recover!!

So how can a business eliminate the risk of committing a data breach?

SIMPLE...start using IDchek!


Just like the solution financial institutions have recently introduced...

Two Factor


Multi Level Security

The system provides a second level of authentication where by sending an OTP text to your customer's mobile phone you can be 99.9% certain it is your customer!



Immediate Warning

The system alerts your customer in seconds that someone is trying to access their account and with your direct telephone number as point of contact can get the matter resolved FAST!

Account Opening


Extra Security

Go the extra distance when opening customer accounts. They'll see instantly that you're serious about protecting their data and can even use this as a USP to get new business!

Goods Collection


Verify ID

Even the smallest of businesses can now implement an additional layer of security so that when customers collect goods in person from your business address that you know for sure it is your customer!

Property Access



Adding an additional layer of security to authenticate entrants to business premises can be crucial in making sure the person entering the building is who they say they are... IDchek gives a business 99.9% certainty it is!

Payment Options


Growing Problem

The BBC recently highlighted the issue of businesses targeted with spoofed customer emails where payments are made by fooling staff into thinking the email is genuine. This could never happen when IDchek is active!



EU Directive means UK banks provide the additional security of mobile pass-codes...

Banks and Financial institutions are the obvious sector we think of when it comes to protecting our money and personal information. Last year UK Banks implemented a new European Directive…

“The Second Payment Services Directive requires most on-line payments above £30 to go through an extra level of verification such as entering a code received via a text message”

This directive was introduced in September 2019 and banks now provide this as a very effective solution to minimise opportunities for fraudsters to make illegal payments using stolen customer bank account details.

But of course, this is all about protecting ONLINE accounts and as we have already stated this leaves gaping holes in security if the same level of protection is not adopted for OFFLINE access to customer information.

Hence why IDchek is such an obvious solution for almost any business because whilst the chances of security being compromised in this way is perhaps unlikely, it only has to happen ONCE for it to be a major issue !!

This fact was endorsed in discussions Info Quick had with both the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) and the National Cyber Security Centre (part of GCHQ) who are at the very heart of the issues surrounding fraud and the preventative measures that businesses should take to ensure the security of their customers personal data.

Designed for any type and size of businesses.
From the small business who may occasionally have reason to be suspicious about an "unknown" caller, to larger businesses where calls are being received all day long dealing with customer service, technical support, account queries, opening new accounts, to name but a few!

But IDChek is particularly relevant for those businesses such as solicitors, accountants, financial advisors, medical practitioners, architects, etc., who hold valuable personal or corporate data and where that data needs to be kept secure. The ICO Data Security Trends Q2 2020-2021 report shows that 72% of all reported incidents are NON-CYBER... in other-words human error!

It should therefore be of great concern to these businesses that 3.5% of those were down to "Verbal disclosure of valuable data" where they have inadvertently given that information to someone they shouldn't have done by word of mouth!


Cost Effective + Payment Options

What are we paying for?

An on-line platform which creates a unique One Time Password (OTP) which is sent by text message to your customer's registered mobile number. The system records this data for a business's GDPR compliance purposes and would be invaluable in the event of a criminal investigation.

Consumers very often have no idea their personal data has been stolen and so IDChek acts as a Fraud Alert if a fraudster tried to use that stolen personal data to access their account. As the sending of the OTP is recorded then it can be invaluable evidence for the authorites in their attempt to prosecute the fraudster.

What are charges based on?

Our charges are based on the number of USERS a business requires to access the platform and the more users then we allocate more credits. All actions are then attributable to each logged in user thereby making it easier to evaluate when incidents do occur.

What payment options do you offer?

You have the option of PAYG (pay as you go) or a regular monthly SUBSCRIPTION so all business use cases can be accommodated.

Exclusive to Subscribers will be their own Text Message Platform where they can setup preformatted (commonly used) messages which save valuable time. But of more importance, in the security conscious world that all businesses work in now, it enables them to insist all staff use the platform for sending business text messages to customers rather than using their own mobiles, thereby minimising opportunities of security breaches.

Is there a minimum contract period?

There is no minimum contract period on the PAYG option and accounts are never closed unless additional payments are requested and remain unpaid for a period of more than 90 days!

The SUBSCRIPTION option has an initial contract period of 90 days after which it is on a rolling 30 day contract.

Do you offer a trial period?

Our PAYG option allows a business to try the system with all credits remaining within their account to be used as and when required. This we feel is both flexible and fair because even if you only ever use the system a handful of times a year it is extremely good value for money given the possible financial implications and adverse publicity of a data breach!

Full details of our terms and conditions can be read on this link

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Select preferred payment option:

Number of Users Up to 3 4 - 10 11+
Initial Payment (per User) £100 £100 £100
Credits (per User) 600 650 700
Bonus Credits* (per User) 150 200 300
TOTAL Credits 750 850 1000

Topping up your Credits

Number of Users Up to 3 4 - 10 11+
Top up Payments (per User) £20 £20 £20
Credits (per User) 165 175 225
Top up Payments (per User) £50 £50 £50
Credits (per User) 450 525 750

Please note: All prices are exclusive of Vat

Payments to your account provide a set number of Credits and at the end of each month we calculate how many credits remain and whether a top-up payment is required. If there's a positive balance in excess of £5 then no further payments are requested. At anytime your balance reduces to less than £10 we will request a top-up payment.

* Bonus Credits are allocated only once on your initial registering for a PAYG account. These credits will be deducted first but will expire after 90 days if unused. All other credits at that point will remain live on the account.

Number of Users Up to 3 4 - 10 11+
Initial Payment (per User) £75 £66 £60
Monthly (per User from Month 4) £25 £22 £20
Credits (per User per Month) 160 180 200
Text Platform 50 50 50
Excess charge 0.10 0.08 0.06

Please note: All prices are exclusive of Vat

CREDITS: These are the number of OTP credits added to each User's account on the 1st day of each month. Unused credits are NOT carried forward to the next month.
TEXT PLATFORM: The number of business text messages (SMS) included in the monthly subscription for each User
EXCESS CHARGE: If the total number of OTP's or text messages sent exceeds the threshold then they are charged at this rate